B50 — Face Changer Camera App Reviews

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Fix it!

I was so looking forward to having some fun with this app. Don’t know about other people, but for me, it’s crap. When it works, it’s okay...but it doesnt work. When you put on a filter, it jumps to the share window (without you wanting to go there)..and gets stuck there, regardless of you trying to close it. Doesn’t even work when I restart it. Major overhaul.

I DID like the app...

... for about 20 minuets. After that it's pretty much useless because of the limited designs. From the advertising on Facebook it seemed like there were at least 100+ designs but there's less than 50 and I can't even find the one that was on the Facebook add! Definetly not worth $2.99 even tho the graphics are decent, the options are low.

Refund please

Gets stuck on one filter wayyyyyy too much. Have had this app for 2 minutes and am frustrated already. Waste of 3 bucks. Refund now!!!


Would like a refund will not work

Do not buy

This is so stupid. Just wasted $2.99 on this stupid app. After a while it was stuck on one filter only and won’t let me go to another filter. Don’t water your money.


Freezes and can’t do anything then gotta close the app and open constant

Fun app

There’s no tutorial. Could use some basic instructions.

Love it!!!

I love the variety of filters. I personally find this to be better than Snapchat. Keep up what you're doing creators of B50. Keep making funny and cute filters!


This is app is so cute! I love using it with my friends, it's just that some of the effects change my face to much making me look a bit weird.

Nice app

I absolutely love B50. it has such cute filters and it works flawlessly. keep up the good work and it's definitely worth the download!

Best kawaii filters of all time.

This app lets you get unlimited kawaii filters and a beautifying tool with different filters. Highly recommend this app.

So much fun!

But one thing, the filters are almost the same as B612, so I suggest to make filters that you can only use in B50.


I am in love with this app! So happy to have something my kids and I can play with and it's so user friendly even my mom uses it.

Nice app

I really like this app it's fun to use! There is a lot of the like same filters so it's a bit confusing but i don't mind! I just wish my friends had it lol but I really like this app and I recommend it!

5 stars

the only reason why I wouldn't personally keep it for a long period of time is bc I have storage issues, but this is a really good app! like omg the filters are amazing I love them

Super cute & fun app!

This app is so much fun and easy to use. There's endless cute filters you can use and they're all filters you can't find else where!


This is so much better than Snapchat tbh! It fits my asian personality and the filters are soooo freaking cute. Add more cute ones please

Amazing App

Amazing filters, not to mention the wide variety of filters it as. Plus, they have special promotional filters that are always great 10/10 would use again.

Great App!Recommend!

There is tons of filters like the cat,flower,face swap,dog,and etc!You can send a photo or video,too!Love it!I would recommend!

Pretty Good

Amazing filters, not to mention the wide variety of filters it as. Plus, they have special promotional filters that are always great 10/10 would use again.

Best app EVER!!!!!

I never write reviews by I'm kind of obsessed with this app!!! Seriously....it does everything from making your skin look magical to making you into a unicorn! I've been in tears with friends on this app from laughing so hard!!! Love love LOVE it!!!!!

my favorite app

I personally think this app is better than snapchat, they have sooo many filters, I always get excited using this app. I just love it so much !!


I honestly like this wayyyy better than Snapchat. There's way more filters and you can even FaceTime on it with filters on. I highly recommend it

In love!

I am so thankful for this app! It's so fun, really effective in making you cute, and free! What else could someone ask for?


The filters are so cute and high quality! I absolutely love this app! Hopefully they don't screw it up with updates like other apps do!


Very chessy effects... I really tried to like this app, but I just can’t... snapchat and instagram are much much better... do not spend your money on this.

Not working properly

It stays in one face won’t let me change it needs work

It would be nice if this app worked

It would be nice if this app worked

Not happy

The app is very glitchy I'm on an iPhone 7 Plus not good performance either terrible App do not recommend Stick to Snapchat


Really cool app, hope they add more stuff soon

Should be free

Not many choices . boring nothing new similar to snap chat and all others


Lots of fun.

Maybe it works. Who would know?

Can't begin to figure out how to use it. No instructions to be found. More iphone scammy junk. Want a refund.

This App is great for everyone!

This App is so fun! I can't stop using it! Every once in a while there is a little glitch when lining up your face but not always. Have fun everyone! 👍🏻

Refund please

This app is EXTREMELY glitchy! What's the deal with the same filter loading and loading before I can move on to the next one? I purchased it like 3 minutes ago. Please refund my 2.99.


Not worth the money piece of crap

Filter Errors

I spent $2.99 for this app and while I know it will be fun, there were filter errors from the beginning! I got the app since I thought it might be more fun than snap chat, but the app was stuck on one filter and would not allow me to go to a different filter. After 6-7 minutes, it alerted me that there was an error/app issue -- but why did it take so long? I would not have got the app had I known it would act up so quickly but hoping it resolves so I can enjoy the fun filters!

Lots of filters to pick from

There are plenty of filters to chose from. Most are fun and a blast, some are meh and boring. Hopefully there will be more added soon. However it does crash unexpectedly and boot me off and a couple of the filters do not work correctly.

Not working



Doesn't seem to do much for me. I was hoping I could add this to existing videos not new videos


Lots of fun face changes!!!

Better thank others for now

So accurate. 👍🏽

Fun App

Can't wait what you can come up for Halloween and the holidays .

Not working

Some of the filters work but the ones that do are cool but would love to have them all work. That's what you pay for. Requesting refund.

Lots of fun

Creative. Fun Better than others

It's a waste of money.

This app is crap. It's nothing more than annoying. It doesn't work well AT all!

Fun lil vids

Better tHan snap chat. Fun. Quirkey. Simple.





Records to fast

This is cool but every time you pick a filter it just starts record that's horrible fix!!!

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